Little Green Cars
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Irish band Little Green Cars have just released their debut album ‘Absolute Zero’ and it is most definitely worth checking out for those of you who are yet to hear of them.

As every good Guitarist should know it isn’t always the Guitar in the song that is most important.
Sometimes less is definitely more and the vocal melody for example can be so good that playing basic accompaniment is what the song needs.

Little Green Cars

                          Irish band Little Green Cars

This weeks shout out and with reference to the above goes to Irish band Little Green Cars and their new single ‘My Love too me down to the river to silence me’. Singer Fay O’Rourke vocal on this track is amazing and this band band deserve all the attention they’re getting at the moment. The album went to number 1 in the Irish charts and its great to see and Irish band writing good songs in the charts.

Below is a live performance of the track.

Little Green Cars Live Performance