Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin are my favourite band of all time. Picking a favourite song of theirs is such a difficult thing for me to do.
Partly because my favourite is constantly changing. For a long time it was ‘Bring it on home’ but maybe I overplayed it.
Unlike alot of people it has never been ‘Stairway to heaven’, don’t get me wrong I love the song but it just wouldn’t be one of my favourites.
My current favourite is ‘Nobody’s fault but mine’.

Led Zeppelin

                              Led Zeppelin – What a band



It just has everything for me. The vocal and guitar in unison in the intro, the bass and drum rhythms when this riff reappears and the harmonica solo. It really shows how they all contributed so much individually to each song.

Whats your favourite Led Zeppelin song? Mine could be different now in 4 months time but this is what I’m going for today!

I have included a link to a life performance of the song below.


Watch Here