Jimi Hendrix
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The discussion of who is the better guitarist Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page is a topic for another day and one you could argue for days and days.

Today I’m wondering what your favourite Jimi Hendrix song of all time is.

Jimi Hendrix

The master at work

Mine is, and always has been, ‘Freedom’. The song for me just has everything. I love the way the rhythm bops along and it’s also probably my favourite Jimi Hendrix vocal.
The solo parts are not over the top and very melodic and all the different sections blend perfectly together.

So a slightly left of center pick with ‘Freedom’. ‘Purple Haze’ comes in a close 2nd place.

Whats your favourite Jimi Hendrix song of all time?


Enjoy a youtube link to ‘Freedom’ below!

Listen Here